ThunderClan is one of the five "official" warrior Clans. ThunderClan values justice, loyalty, mercy, and courage.

How It All Began Edit

Thunderclan's first leader was Thunderstar. He, ShadowstarRiverstarWindstar, and Skystar created the 5 warrior clans after travelling to the old territories from the Tribe of Rushing Water and discovering that they could not live together in one big group. Initially, they were not called ThunderClan, ShadowClanRiverClanWindClan, and SkyClan but Thunder's Group, Tall Shadow's Group, River Ripple's Group, Wind Runner's Group, and Clear Sky's group. Moons later, while Gray Wing lay dying, he renamed Wind Runner's group WindClan after saying that they were not just merely a group, but a Clan, and thus started the trend of renaming the groups Clans. Silver Stripe named ThunderClan.



In the old territories, ThunderClan lived in a deciduous forest next to a Twolegplace and a Thunderpath. ThunderClan Camp was in a cluster of bushes and, in the time of the early settlers, a gorge. ThunderClan cats hunted mostly mice, squirrels, birds, and the occasional rabbit.


In the lake territories, ThunderClan now lives in a deciduous forest next to the lake. ThunderClan Camp is now in an abandoned quarry. ThunderClans cats still hunt mostly mice, squirrels, and birds, but rabbits have become much rarer and voles more common.


ThunderClan cats tend to be colours like brown, gold, or ginger tabbies with green or amber eyes and are unlikely to start unnecessary battles and are renowned for their hospitality.

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