Bluekits eyes were closed, she layed next to here mother (moonflower).Come on bluekit! Moonflower won’t let me outside till your awake. Said snow kit cheering. She’ll open her eyes in her own time.*thinks in my own time. My kits opened there eyes this morning. Oh swiftbreeze we all know about your kits, you don’t need to tell us. Said moonflower. Snow kit? Said bluekit awake. What? You’ve opened your eyes!Hmmm are mine blue too? Snowkit smilded through the oak bamboo wall. There’s a whole in the wall! Said bluekit happily. Let’s surpize patch kit and leopardkit. Snowkit climbed over moonflower, then bluekit did but it was to late. And were do you think your going? Moonflower said grabbing bluekit’s tail. Outside! You’ve open your eyes!